Learn how Nuvla enables monitoring and predictive maintenance in manufacturing.

How Nuvla works in manufacturing

Discover how enables manufacturing at the edge as a service

Manufacturing companies need to monitor and understand the state of their facilities and array of machines to improve key performance indicators, such as their overall equipment effectiveness, while reducing maintenance effort and increasing production quality.

The marketplace gives manufacturers access to a suite of applications designed to transform and simplify their business.

With Cybus Connectware, factories establish full facility transparency in only a few weeks. The real-time production data is then directly distributed to built-in monitoring features for powerful and intuitive analysis tools, alerting and dashboarding.

Adding the AI EdgeLabs cyber security platform means that the factory infrastructure is protected against ongoing attacks.

To complete the suite, manufacturers can run ClearBlade's Intelligent Assets solution to enable reliable monitoring and tracking of assets.

Thanks to the Nuvla platform, companies can deploy, manage and update all of these apps remotely and securely.

Benefits of edge computing in manufacturing

Near-data processing

Bring the processing to the data. Instead of moving tons of data to the cloud, do the sensible thing and take advantage of edge computing. This means you process your data in near-real time, reduce your reliance on the networks, reduce runaway cloud costs, improve data sovereignty, avoid privacy intrusion, improve autonomy and reduce carbon emissions.

Remote control

Devices running NuvlaEdge software are remotely controlled, using a secured connection, giving you full visibility and manageability of each edge device and the applications running inside of them. This feature works on all IP connectivity, even if the NuvlaEdge-powered device is connected to the network via a private IP. As a result, systems are updated and kept uniform across the network.


Experience improved IoT device and data security. Once powered up, each NuvlaEdge-powered device initiates a secured connection to the Nuvla platform. Each device is unique and assigned to a specific user organisation. This means that any device can be controlled remotely and isolated (quarantined), upgraded or downgraded should any problems arise.