Learn how Nuvla enables intelligent asset tracking, payment systems and AI automation in the public transport sector.

How Nuvla works in transport

Discover how Nuvla enables transport at the edge as a service

Public transport operators have to support intelligent devices spread across hundreds of locations in their network. On- and off-board payment systems, safety monitoring, sensors and information displays all form part of the IT infrastructure that has to be checked and updated, often manually, resulting in inefficient use of IT resources and lack of central control.

By installing SixSq’s NuvlaEdge software on intelligent devices at stops, stations and in vehicles, operators gain control over the devices and the apps deployed there.

Using the Nuvla platform, the operator has reliable visibility over devices and applications. Users are alerted when a device is offline and can manage the whole lifecycle of the applications, including remote updates. Additional apps can be deployed without the need for onsite visits.

Transport operators gain a future-proof, scalable solution with limitless possibilities for service innovation.

Thanks to the Nuvla edge-management platform, all team members, from management to tech experts, have an overview of the fleet of edge devices and applications via the user-friendly Nuvla platform dashboard.

Benefits of edge computing in transport

Future proof

The Nuvla platform provides a complete lifecycle for apps deployed by customers on their edge and cloud infrastructures. Based on customer settings, apps are updated regularly and customers can add, remove and swap apps at any time, with no penalties, in order to ensure they have the right apps to support their business.

Remote control

Devices running NuvlaEdge software are remotely controlled, using a secured connection, giving you full visibility and manageability of each edge device and the applications running inside of them. This feature works on all IP connectivity, even if the NuvlaEdge is connected to the network via a private IP. As a result, systems are updated and kept uniform across the network.


Benefit from improved IoT device and data security. Once powered up, NuvlaEdge initiates a secured connection to Nuvla. Each NuvlaEdge is unique and assigned to a specific user organisation. This means that any device can be controlled remotely and isolated (quarantined), upgraded or downgraded should any problems arise.