Passenger transport

Learn how the edge-to-cloud management platform enables real-time data analysis, predictive maintenance, payment systems & AI automation in the passenger transport sector.


The power of edge for passenger transport

Enhancing your transport network with the power of edge computing has never been easier

Addressing the challenges of passenger transport

Future proof

The platform provides a complete lifecycle for apps deployed by customers on their edge and cloud infrastructures. Apps are updated regularly and customers can add, remove and swap apps at any time to ensure they have the right apps to support their business.

Remote control

Devices running NuvlaEdge software are remotely controlled, using a secured connection, giving you full visibility and manageability of each edge device and the applications running inside of them.


Benefit from improved IoT device and data security. Once powered up, NuvlaEdge initiates a secured connection to Each NuvlaEdge is unique and each device can be controlled remotely and isolated, upgraded or downgraded should any problems arise. in transport


Create data fusion for an inclusive overview


Enable issue detection and subsequent alerts


Produce GDPR-compliant statistics


Simplify financial processes


Protect your digital ecosystem


Gather video analytics for safety and efficiency


Get insightful data on location & occupancy


Provide on board entertainment & ads Marketplace

The marketplace is a single dashboard solution that allows you to deploy, manage and update your apps. Select from ready-to-use apps provided by expert app vendors, add your own or register third party apps. Mix and match to find the best solution to your needs. Here's an example of apps that can be combined to deliver results for passenger transport. Many more combinations are possible.

Additional apps available

You have total freedom to purchase apps, create your own, or register third party apps to the platform. This allows great flexibility to address your transport goals with your own specific bouquet of apps. Download the full catalogue of apps to find out more.. Benefits​

Create your own powerful edge-to-cloud solution and unlock all the value in your data.

  • Modular and flexible solution

    With cutting edge computer vision, analytics, reporting, dashboarding and insights, you get a modular solution, with no lock-in, taking advantage of an open eco-system.

  • Reduce costs and carbon emissions

    You can deploy on a wide range of existing and new hardware, including cameras and sensors, without the need of purchasing new assets.

  • No prior technical knowledge required

    Edge computing usually requires technical knowledge, training, and specialised personnel. takes this complexity away, keeping you focused on your business.

  • Avoiding lock-in

    With it is not only possible to integrate existing apps and freely use any of the application choices available on the platform, but it is also possible to upload or create your own solution in total freedom, and without user lock-in.

  • Easily scales on wide range of sites

    You get an open, low network dependent solution, based on standards. You can scale your soution worldwide in just a few clicks.

  • Acceptable by workers and unions, yet improving health and safety

    By design, you get a solution respectful of the privacy sphere of workers and the public.

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