Providing a secured edge to cloud (and back) management platform that enables near-data AI for connected world use cases.

NuvlaCity: 30% Energy Savings with Smart Street Lighting

In partnership with Schréder, SixSq delivers Volumlight®, an intelligent street lighting solutions, which delivers unparalleled opportunity for energy savings and perfect lighting at the same time. Climate change in action.

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NuvlaScience: Managing Big Data for Big Science

Data from space provides us with critical information to help us understand climate change, predict hazardous weather and provide early warning of potential water shortages. Transforming the raw data to useful added-value information needs innovative technology.

Turning big data into added-value services.

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NuvlaOutpost: Smart Field Infrastructure always connected

Deploy lightweight and fully automated IT infrastructures anywhere on Earth. Keep it connected with satellite link, so your operations stay centralised. Another way to leverage edge-to-cloud solutions.

Take a look at some real world applications.

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NuvlaRetail: Reinventing the shopping experience with edge computing analytics

AI customer recognition and behaviour analysis narrows the gap between e-commerce and the in-store experience.

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Large research laboratories such as CERN are using NuvlaScience to access scientific data and carry out modelling and statistical analysis.

This benefits areas such as bioinformatics, life sciences and high-energy physics.



System integrators differentiate their smart city solutions by using NuvlaCity to provide secure edge capabilities with remote management, self-healing and much more.

Volumlight is an example of how Schréder leverages NuvlaCity to provide true adaptive lighting.

Public Sector

Public Sector

Public sector buyers are under increasing pressure to reduce costs and meet ambitious energy reduction targets.

This can only be achieved by including the latest technologies like NuvlaCity in their IT infrastructure.

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The ultimate Edge solution - Big Data in space

Extracting Big Data from space has the potential to bring huge benefits to the human race. Find out how AI and our edge-to-cloud software, with HPE and NSL, meets the challenges of the European Space Agency.

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