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Providing a secured edge platform as a service for management of connected devices at scale.

Outpost: Smart Field Infrastructure always connected

Field operations need a simple, secure IT infrastructure that can be managed from anywhere on Earth.

Now available for COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine zone.

Ensure your field office is always on and under control with

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Science: Managing Big Data for Big Science

Data from space provides us with critical information to help us understand climate change, predict hazardous weather and provide early warning of potential water shortages. Transforming the raw data to useful added-value information needs innovative technology.

Turning big data into added-value services.

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City: 30% Energy Savings with Smart Street Lighting

Working with public lighting providers, SixSq has developed adaptive lighting software which turns any lamp post into an intelligent street lighting solution. The system delivers an unparalleled opportunity for energy savings and perfect lighting at the same time, helping municipalities to reach energy efficiency targets.

Find out more about this tried and tested solution.

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Retail: Reinventing the shopping experience with edge computing analytics

Deploying AI applications in stores narrows the gap between e-commerce and the in-store experience. Using to deploy and manage those apps means you can focus on your customers and leave the tech to the techies.

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The ultimate Edge solution - Big Data in space

Extracting Big Data from space has the potential to bring huge benefits to the human race. Find out how AI and our edge-to-cloud software, with HPE and NSL, meets the challenges of the European Space Agency.

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