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Manage any containerised application across a fleet of edge devices and container-orchestration engines.

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Create your own powerful edge-to-cloud solution and unlock all the value in your data. Benefits​

The hardware-agnostic, cloud-neutral and container-native ecosystem that will revolutionise your edge implementation.

  • Modular and flexible solution

    With cutting edge computing vision, analytics, reporting, dashboarding and insights, you get a modular solution, with no lock-in, taking advantage of an open eco-system.

  • Reduce costs and carbon emissions

    You can deploy on a wide range of existing and new hardware, including cameras and sensors, without the need of purchasing new assets.

  • No prior technical knowledge required

    Edge computing usually requires technical knowledge, training, and specialised personnel. takes this complexity away, keeping you focused on your business.

  • Avoiding lock-in

    With it is not only possible to integrate existing apps and freely use any of the application choices available on the platform, but it is also possible to upload or create your own solution in total freedom, and without user lock-in.

  • Easily scales on wide range of sites

    You get an open, low network dependent solution, based on standards. You can scale your soution worldwide in just a few clicks.

  • Acceptable by workers and unions, yet improving health and safety

    By design, you get a solution respectful of the privacy sphere of workers and the public.

Main features

Near-data processing

Instead of moving tons of data to the cloud, take advantage of edge computing by bringing the processing to the data. This means you process your data in near-real time, reduce your reliance on the networks, reduce runaway cloud costs, improve data sovereignty, avoid privacy intrusion, improve autonomy and reduce carbon emissions.

Any edge hardware ARM & x86

Via NuvlaEdge software, the platform can manage edge devices, servers and virtual machines based on both ARM and x86 hardware. This means you can choose the right hardware for your needs, yet manage everything with one management platform to simplify operations.


Any application packaged as Docker containers, and built for your hardware platform (e.g. ARM, x86) can be deployed on a NuvlaEdge-powered edge device. You can also manage multi-container apps using Docker Compose, Docker Swarm or Kubernetes. This means you can create highly available apps at the edge and in the cloud.

Powerful API

The platform exposes a powerful REST API. This API allows developers to integrate into third-party systems, script it and even use it as Infrastructure as code (IaC). We have also put a lot of effort into the documentation. Go and explore!


Repetitive, manual deployments are costing your organisation time and money. Introducing automation reduces expenditure and gives your people more time to be creative. The platform allows you to manage at scale apps deployed at the edge and in the cloud. gives you a single dashboard to monitor and manage your edge-to-cloud fleet.

Cloud neutrality is cloud- and container-native. And since Docker and Kubernetes are supported by virtually all public and private clouds, this means you can use the platform with your favourite cloud. This protects you from vendor lock-in, providing unprecedented flexibility in your choice of cloud solutions as well as edge hardware.

Container native is container-native. Simply capture your app in the platform, including the endpoint of a Docker Registry, with credentials. The platform will be able to deploy your app at scale. You can also take advantage of 1000s of existing Docker images, such as load balancers, databases, AI tools and more. All this from the comfort of a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering and the marketplace.


Control all aspects of application deployment, access and data management, including a clear audit trail and fine-grain authentication and authorisation, as well as event notifications.

Support Kubernetes

The platform not only supports Docker but also Kubernetes, the de-facto standard for the orchestration of large container clusters. Simply capture your application deployment as a Kubernetes manifest in, and use the platform to deploy your apps on any Kubernetes cluster, including your own.

Multi-cloud and infrastructures

The platform allows you to configure any number of Container-as-a-Service (CaaS) (e.g. Docker Swarm, Kubernetes) endpoints. This means you can mix and match public clouds, private clouds and infrastructure, as well as edge devices running NuvlaEdge software. This enables a simple and effective edge-to-multi-cloud solution.

On-premise installation

For large deployments, you can install the platform within your own walls or on a public cloud. You can also benefit from professional support from SixSq. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

Open source inside

The platform is built leveraging open-source software and open standards. All of our dependencies are Apache 2.0-compatible. This means that we leverage not only the latest innovations from the thriving open-source communities, but also their maturity. From there, you are able to build your own edge-to-cloud journey, knowing that there’s no lock-in. Meanwhile, NuvlaEdge is 100% open source.

On-demand remote access

On-demand remote secured access gives you access to your devices and applications as you need it and only when you need it. Including renewed VPN and Docker credentials at the edge, remotely, from With the platform, Control your edge devices from your desk, wherever they may be in the world.

Made in Switzerland

The service is operated and hosted in Switzerland. The platform and NuvlaEdge software are also designed in Switzerland. We guarantee that our software is produced, tested, certified and operated according to our highest standards. Our international team prides itself on its constant quest for precision and excellence.

How does work?

The platform is a B2B SaaS, providing a turnkey solution for managing edge devices and apps, across the IoT-edge-cloud continuum.

You will find detailed information on our documentation website.

For on-premise deployment of software, get in touch.

Set up in minutes and deploy apps in seconds works hand in hand with devices, servers and virtual machines running NuvlaEdge software.

Apps can be deployed from the marketplace or your private app store, in seconds.

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