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Learn how Nuvla enables retailers to take data-driven decisions.

How Nuvla works in retail

Discover how Nuvla enables retail, at the edge as a service

To improve customer satisfaction with a secure, seamless online and offline shopping experience, at the same time as reducing operating costs, retailers need to deploy innovative technologies. Edge computing is the only way to ensure the required near-data processing at scale.

The Nuvla marketplace gives retailers access to a suite of applications designed to transform and simplify their business.

Start with C2RO's  ENTERA™ , an AI solution company that connects the online and offline worlds. Working closely with C2RO, SixSq has packaged ENTERA™ with NuvlaEdge software and the Nuvla platform to provide a product which helps retailers close the gap between e-commerce and in-store analytics. The ENTERA™ video analytics agent provides GDPR-compliant analysis of visitor traffic in public spaces.

Add the AI EdgeLabs cyber security platform to ensure the retail infrastructure is protected against ongoing attacks.

Thanks to NuvlaEdge software, the edge devices are monitored and the application software is deployed and managed through the Nuvla edge management platform. This significantly simplifies operations and maintenance for retailers.

Benefits of edge computing in retail

In-store real-time analytics

Retail stores need data-driven insights. Using Nuvla to deploy and manage in-store software and data provides real-time anonymised behaviour analysis to give a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour.

Near-data processing

Bring the processing to the data. Instead of moving tons of data to the cloud, do the sensible thing and take advantage of edge computing. This means you process your data in near-real time, reduce your reliance on the networks, reduce runaway cloud costs, improve data sovereignty, avoid privacy intrusion, improve autonomy and reduce carbon emissions.

Data privacy

ENTERA™ is the most advanced GDPR-compliant video analytics platform in the world. It will tell you what, where, when and how visitors use your space, but never who. No personal data is stored.