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Inna Ushakova

Inna Ushakova, CEO and co-founder of Scalarr and AI EdgeLabs, is an avid entrepreneur and an advocate of merging cybersecurity and AI expertise to achieve advanced levels of protection. Always one to face challenges head-on, Inna had a front-row seat to experience firsthand the damaging effects of fraud and cyber-attacks across industries. She then made it her mission to innovate and implement cutting-edge technologies to solve the industry’s most present security problems: mobile ad fraud and Edge/IoT vulnerabilities. Inna’s hard work paid off in 2021 when her ventures received Series A funding, allowing her to extend her security portfolio with a new product that targets the Edge cybersecurity sphere more pointedly. In 2021, Inna was recognized as Best Woman in Tech by Forbes in Ukraine.

23 August 2022

How to protect manufacturing from cyber security threats

By Inna Ushakova

Thanks to guest author Inna Ushakova for sharing her valuable insights into the state of cyber security in the manufacturing industry. Now more th...

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