ELEKTRON and SixSq launch the first industrialised traffic-based lighting solution in Switzerland

14 September 2020 | Geneva, Switzerland

Next-generation solution for smart, efficient street lighting

Geneva / Au (ZH) – ELEKTRON has been testing traffic-dependent lighting control systems in various pilot projects (Wädenswil/Smart City Lab Basel Wolf) for some time now. Right from the start, ELEKTRON worked closely with cantonal civil engineering offices and traffic engineers, as they already use traffic sensor technology for their analyses. Now ELEKTRON has teamed up with the software technology expert and CERN spin-off SixSq. Together they developed the first industrialised traffic-based lighting solution in Switzerland

“We had been working on the topic for some time and had examined different approaches. Only when we started the collaboration with SixSq we made progress. SixSq understood us right from the start and implemented our wishes incredibly fast and competently”. said Enrico Baumann, CEO ELEKTRON AG.

TrafficDim is ideally suited for adjusting the light intensity on busy roads. It reduces energy consumption and light emissions while complying with the applicable safety standards and norms. The solution achieves this by controlling street lighting based on real-time traffic monitoring. The data is automatically analysed on SixSq’s secure edge-to-cloud management platform Nuvla, which allows for easy processing of the collected traffic data and continuously transmits the information to the CityTouch lighting management system to control the luminaires.

“I am impressed with how ELEKTRON has leveraged Nuvla to create something new,” said Marc-Elian Bégin, SixSq CEO and Co-founder.

“With TrafficDim, ELEKTRON has integrated our real-time monitoring capabilities at the edge with the Signify CityTouch light management system to deliver an industrial scale product. This solution will make smart cities safer and more energy efficient.”


Louise Merifield
Co-founder & Operations Manager
+41 77 44 68 170

About SixSq

SixSq is a leader in edge computing B2B platform as a service. The team is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and embraces the Swiss ideals of excellence, innovation and precision. Nuvla, the company’s edge-to-cloud B2B management platform and marketplace, allows customers to deploy a secure and comprehensive edge and cloud strategy, while avoiding lock-in. The NuvlaEdge software turns any x86 or ARM hardware platform into a smart edge device connected to Nuvla to deploy applications in a range of sectors. The result is a secure edge-to-cloud solution that is application-centric, hardware-agnostic, cloud-neutral and container-native.
SixSq is part of the Ekinops Group, a leading network equipment and solutions provider.

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