Renewable energy management at forefront of SWARM project

25 January 2022 | Geneva, Switzerland

Smart and Widely-distributed Appliances for Renewable energy Management (SWARM)

Decentralisation, decarbonisation and changing consumer patterns are disrupting the energy sector. It is clear that consumers, energy providers, in fact all stakeholders involved in the energy market, will have to embrace new and innovative solutions to deliver the dynamic market needed to address these challenges.

The SWARM project aims to provide new services which will allow users to become active participants, thus becoming direct beneficiaries of a liberalised energy market. A Smart Energy Management Appliance in households will provide not only supply and usage prediction, but also the ability to trade energy and flexibility.

A marketplace platform will support the interactions among involved stakeholders, with the digital infrastructure relying on SixSq’s Nuvla edge-to-cloud platform and marketplace.

This 3-year project will take a multidisciplinary approach to support the financial and technical interactions taking place between stakeholders. The solution will be tested in field trials in Switzerland and Sweden, with a view to developing a commercially viable product.

A collaboration between industry, academia and local communities SixSq will be working alongside a mix of SME, academic, and electric power companies from Sweden and Switzerland.

HEPIA is one of the 6 schools of the HES-SO Geneva campus. With its four research institutes, HEPIA forms a centre of excellence in engineering and architecture. Its expertise in the domain of edge-cloud solutions and self-adaptive IoT applications is critical to the SWARM project.

Groupe E SA is a leading Energy Company operating in western Switzerland. As a Grid Distribution Operator, it delivers electrical energy to over 400’000 private citizens and numerous professional customers in its service area. Groupe E acts as the leader for field tests to validate the SWARM solution.

Thyni & Viketoft Innovation AB is a Greentech company that offers services and systems that accelerate the transition to a fossil-free society. The company delivers economic and environmental values to facility owners, transport operators, and the production industry by handling power peaks reducing power cost, and enabling a larger utilisation of renewable energy.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology is an international technical university, spaning from natural sciences to all the branches of engineering. The SWARM project will benefit from KTH’s expertise in communication technologies, Internet-of-Things (IoT), privacy, machine learning.

The Geneva communes of Meyrin and Chêne-Bougeries will act as microgrid infrastructure providers, working in close collaboration with the project.

SWARM is a European Eurostar project, co-funded by the Innosuisse Swiss Innovation Agency and the European Union.


Louise Merifield
Co-founder & Operations Manager
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