Transforming Retail; How edge computing reshapes operations, enhances security and fuels business continuity

06 June 2024 | by Rebecca Schenato

edge retail

In the dynamic sector of retail, it is important to adapt to consumer preferences and technological advancements. The retail industry is a very complex ecosystem that entails multiple and diversified activities, ranging from product supply to customer satisfaction, merchandise manufacturing to logistics & shipping, online service experience to data analytics, and more. This bundle of extremely different but interconnected activities requires a comprehensive management system that can integrate all the elements to solve the industry’s problems.

To address these challenges, edge computing — an advanced technology that optimizes data processing — is transforming the retail industry. Edge computing effectively tackles numerous industry issues, providing concrete solutions. This blog will focus on the impact edge computing has on operational efficiency, security, and business continuity. If you are interested in edge computing solutions for the logistics and shipping, or manufacturing sectors of the retail industry, we invite you to explore our specialized resources.

Industry challenges:

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

In retail, data plays a vital role in informing not only day-to-day activities but also longer-term decision making. Ideally, stores should be able to gather metrics such as heat maps, people and item counts, queue length, and dwell time to understand and optimize their operations. By tapping into this data, shops can make informed decisions to enhance various aspects such as store layout, efficient staff allocation, optimal inventory placement, while reducing customer wait times. This data-driven approach allows stores to adapt to changing customer preferences, improve operational efficiency, and ultimately achieve higher sales and customer satisfaction.

These metrics can offer valuable insights into customer behavior, foot traffic patterns, and overall store performance. However, even when data is captured, processing, interpreting, and managing it remains challenging. The volume and complexity of this data make it costly and risky to rely on traditional methods that transmit all collected data directly to the cloud. Additionally, sending unprocessed data to the cloud hinders the real-time analytics and privacy protection enforcement that the industry demands.

Edge computing on the other hand processes data right at the source, saving time and money. The true potential is realized when the IT infrastructure is supported by SixSq’s ecosystem. Picture this: shorter waiting times, shelves stocked on point, and staff always where they’re needed. Want to rearrange the store layout for better flow? Need more staff in a busy section? sets you up for success. And if you need to control multiple stores at a time, enables retailers to have a unified, real-time view of their entire chain of stores. By processing data at the edge, the system provides a coherent global picture, allowing businesses to monitor and analyze operations across multiple locations simultaneously. This holistic approach to monitoring facilitates prompt decision-making and strategic planning.

Security and Privacy

Beyond improving daily operations, steps up to tackle security and privacy concerns. In the bustling environment of shoppers and staff, maintaining data privacy can be challenging. That’s why SixSq’s marketplace includes apps that allow shops to count, track movements, and check actions while keeping individuals anonymous. This ensures that shops can stay on top of in-store events without compromising anyone’s privacy.

Traditional CCTV systems heavily rely on human supervision, but edge computing solutions take it a step further. Via you can employ AI anomaly detection directly on video streams, empowering security teams to proactively spot and address potential threats in real-time. This shift towards AI-driven surveillance not only boosts effectiveness but also enables more accurate security measures.

Moreover, instead of sending sensitive data to a distant server,’s ecosystem enables you to keep it close to the source, protecting data privacy while minimizing the risk of cyberattacks. This dual benefit of enhanced security and privacy protection makes edge computing a game-changer in creating safer and more efficient retail environments.

Business continuity

One of the challenges to arise from the cloud migration trend is disruptions to business continuity. SixSq tackles this by processing data locally at the edge, ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud, even in limited infrastructure regions.

An additional hurdle for business continuity is deploying analytics solutions across multiple stores without causing disruption. Traditional methods often lead to downtime, affecting business operations. SixSq’s edge computing solutions provide a seamless deployment process, smoothly integrating analytics tools using containerized applications. This allows a transition to advanced analytics capabilities while keeping operational efficiency intact.

In conclusion, the ecosystem from SixSq is revolutionizing the retail sector. It boosts operational efficiency, tackles security and privacy issues, and guarantees business continuity. As the retail industry embraces technological progress, edge computing emerges as a pivotal force, empowering businesses not only to adjust but to excel in a constantly evolving environment.

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