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Only pay for active resources. No commitment required.

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Edge device management

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*with the Starship subscription plan.

The pricing is simple and predictable.

You start with a 14-day free trial, during which you benefit from our Bronze Support service and a 100% discount on edge costs in (note: paying apps are not free during the trial period). After that, you pay-as-you-go for the resources you consume, without commitment. You can also purchase a yearly plan to dramatically reduce the price per unit per month. You can upgrade your plan at any time.

Price list with examples

Nuvla dashboard screenshot

Pay-as-you-go with and without subscription plan

We measure the number of devices running  NuvlaEdge software and invoice you monthly accordingly. As your fleet of edge devices grows, you can reduce your monthly device costs dramatically by adopting one of our subscription plans, giving you a path to growth that is simple, predictable and sustainable. You can upgrade your subscription plan at any time. Just get in touch with our sales team.


No commitment, start in minutes, maximum flexibility


€ 50.00

per device per month

Best for up to 47 devices


Yearly subscription plan:

€ 25,000


€ 6.00

per device per month

Best from 47 devices


Yearly subscription plan:

€ 100,000


€ 2.00

per device per month

Best from 1500 devices

Nuvla marketplace BlackBox app screenshot

App store and marketplace

Choose between free and paying apps

App vendors sell specialised apps on the marketplace. If you are an app vendor, this is the simplest way to have your customers deploy your apps and generate revenue. If you are a customer, the marketplace is there to help you find the right apps. You can also capture your own apps or take advantage of the myriad of Docker images available online.


  1. Your own apps are free.
  2. You only pay for deployed apps, calculated daily and invoiced monthly.
  3. You have one day to try apps before metering starts.
  4. App vendors can offer discounts in the form of coupons for annual (or longer) commitments, or promotions.
  5. App vendors are free to set their own price.