The Transformative Impact of SixSq’s 5G Offerings - Enabling Private Networks

26 June 2024 | by Rebecca Schenato

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital connectivity, 5G technology represents a colossal leap forward, enabling unprecedented speed, efficiency, and versatility. With its recent introduction to the public domain, 5G opens new opportunities for both private and public networks, reshaping industries and consumer experiences alike.

SixSq’s edge-to-cloud ecosystem enables this transformation by simplifying deployment and enhancing operational efficiency. This article dives into the durable impact of SixSq’s offerings linked to 5G, particularly focusing on private networks.

Understanding 5G: The Game Changer

5G represents the fifth generation of mobile networks, succeeding its 4G predecessor with significant advancements. The most notable improvement is its incredibly faster data transfer rates, capable of reaching up to 20 Gbps, compared to 4G’s 1 Gbps. This leap enables more robust and responsive applications, from streaming ultra-high-definition video to supporting advanced IoT ecosystems.

Another revolutionary feature of 5G is network slicing, which divides the network into multiple virtual slices. Each slice can be customized to serve different types of services or applications, optimizing resource use and ensuring that critical services receive priority. This flexibility is crucial for private networks, which require tailored solutions to meet specific security and performance needs. 5G network slicing provides a secure and isolated environment for each network slice, ensuring that each slice is protected from unauthorized access and malicious activities. With 5G network slicing, it is possible to dynamically adjust and fine-tune security settings in real-time, responding quickly to changing security threats and maintaining a secure and reliable network.

For private networks, traditionally reliant on Wi-Fi for speed and bandwidth, 5G emerges as a formidable competitor. While Wi-Fi operates on shorter wavelengths, limiting its range and penetration, 5G’s broader wavelength spectrum provides superior coverage and connectivity. This makes 5G ideal for environments like corporate offices, industrial sites, and remote facilities where robust and secure connectivity is essential.

The Role of in 5G Deployment

Deploying 5G networks traditionally involves complex and resource-intensive processes. However, simplifies this through its edge management platform, which supports seamless integration and deployment of 5G technologies. By leveraging its flexible ecosystem, deploys the 5G network software stack as containers on Kubernetes at the edge, enabling deployment on any hardware. This approach avoids vendor lock-ins and ensures compatibility across various devices. also enables the deployment of any application at the edge acting as a ETSI MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing in the European Telecommunications Standards Institute) compliant orchestrator and can therefore deploy 5G stacks which are 3GPP compliant (3rd Generation Partnership Project). streamlines the deployment and configuration management of applications, eliminating the extensive manual effort typically required for managing applications within 5G slicing environments. This approach not only reduces costs but also enhances security and minimizes human error.

Through the marketplace, users can either register their own applications or choose from a wide range of ready-to-deploy apps tailored to specific use cases. The applications can be deployed and managed at scale across fleets of edge devices and cloud environments. The platform further offers a customizable setup for alerts and notifications, facilitated by a personalized multitenant account structure that supports hierarchical access and task management. excels in simplifying the deployment of private 5G networks. Traditionally, setting up such networks involves managing multiple hardware components, deploying and configuring software, and ensuring continuous monitoring and updates.’s platform automates these processes, providing a one-click deployment solution that drastically reduces complexity and resource requirements. This efficiency allows businesses to deploy 5G networks quickly and manage them with minimal expertise, thereby reducing costs and speeding up implementation.

Enhanced Flexibility and Use Cases

Private 5G networks offer secure, high-performance communication channels tailored to specific enterprises. One of the standout benefits of’s approach is its ability to facilitate private network solutions. By integrating technologies with 5G, ensures that even the most remote or challenging environments can achieve reliable connectivity.

For instance, industries such as mining, forestry, and oil and gas, which operate in remote locations, can now deploy private 5G networks to ensure seamless communication and data transfer. But 5G is not only useful in remote locations. enables real-time monitoring, improved efficiency, business continuity and more, supporting businesses like manufacturing, telcos, energy, logistics and shipping, retail, passenger transport, and many more to gain the optimal connection suited to their needs by enhancing operational efficiency, connectivity, and scalability.

Additionally,’s marketplace provides a significant advantage. Businesses can choose from a range of applications and services, switching providers as needed without significant disruptions. This flexibility mitigates risks and ensures that enterprises can adapt to changing technological landscapes or business needs effortlessly.

5G and edge computing complement each other to provide high-speed, reliable services. SixSq’s, when paired with the capabilities of 5G, represents a significant leap forward in the deployment and management of private networks. By addressing the complexities and high costs traditionally associated with 5G deployment, makes this advanced technology accessible and practical for a wide range of industries. As 5G continues to evolve and expand, will be at the forefront, enabling businesses to harness the full potential of this transformative technology.

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