Revolutionizing enterprise telco services with edge computing; a new era of innovation

10 October 2023 | by Rebecca Schenato

edge telco networks telecommunications

Given that providing network services and connectivity is no longer enough due to internet platforms and smartphones, telco companies are faced with the need to adapt to a changing digital landscape, with increased demand for faster and more secure ecosystems. Tech giants, OTT players, and hyperscalers are disrupting the market with their infrastructure and innovation, forcing telcos to reevaluate their business models. This is not the first time the industry has experienced a seismic shift, but this time service providers must act rapidly to stay relevant and improve revenue and margin in the current market.

Thankfully there is an innovative way to transform services which, if approached with the right tools, provides a way to reduce risk, decrease costs and remove complexity, finding a balance between tradition and adapting to stay competitive in this evolving landscape.

Edge computing delivers innovative solutions

The emergence of edge computing provides a unique opportunity for telcos to revolutionize their offering, presenting innovative solutions that suit the diverse needs of multiple industries. Through the integration of edge computing, telcos can effectively address a multitude of challenges for both wired and mobile networks. Within the sphere of the telco industry, service providers are in constant pursuit of enhancing the quality and security of their services. Through the power of edge computing, telcos can introduce cutting-edge monitoring solutions that offer real-time insights into network performance. This, in turn, empowers proactive maintenance and rapid issue resolution. Furthermore, edge-based cybersecurity mechanisms can swiftly identify and mitigate potential security threats, thereby ensuring the integrity of data and fostering user trust. Moreover, the minimized latency achieved through edge computing significantly optimizes service delivery, resulting in elevated user experiences.

A customer-centric approach

The pursuit of innovation, however, shouldn’t only focus on understanding the needs of telcos themselves; it’s equally important to understand the aspirations of telco customers and how edge computing can support them and their businesses. Edge computing empowers telcos to offer solutions that appeal to a wide range of sectors, including:

Logistics & shipping:

In Logistics and shipping, edge computing aims at enhancing worker safety in industrial settings through AI-driven safety monitoring. It also improves product tracking and inventory management, while using edge-based analytics to facilitate accurate supply chain management.

Retail and transport:

In the retail and transport verticals, edge computing provides anonymized video services with no privacy intrusion, while still delivering insights for business operations.


For manufacturing, edge integrates predictive analytics to contribute to decision-making processes.

Moreover, edge computing delivers robust cybersecurity measures embedded in edge solutions to safeguard data security across all business operations.

In addition to all of this, edge computing is also able to tackle the challenge of providing efficient solutions for managing and scaling containerized applications. In fact, edge computing emerges as a powerful solution to this problem, streamlining the complexity associated with handling these applications while supporting operational and resource demands.

Other customers are on the lookout for a more all-rounded ecosystem that allows them to manage all applications needed to deliver a complete and tailored solution to their problems. The idea centers around integrating a comprehensive marketplace with containerized app management. The answer to this need comes in the form of, an integrated platform from SixSq that facilitates seamless access to a diverse range of applications, coupled with streamlined management and scalability options.

In essence, edge computing can drive a transformation within the telco industry, enabling providers to introduce innovative solutions that cater to a wide spectrum of requirements spanning wired and mobile networks. Through the utilization of SixSq’s ecosystem, telcos can push their services to new heights, enhancing performance, security, and efficiency. From cutting-edge monitoring and cybersecurity to AI-driven video analysis, the possibilities are endless. As the telco landscape continues to evolve, embracing edge computing is no longer an option—it’s a necessity for staying ahead in the digital age.

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