Life at the edge is better with friends

10 January 2022 | by Marc-Elian Bégin

edge cloud

In the midst of social distancing, it is with great excitement that SixSq is introducing the most social NuvlaEdge ever, the v2.0!

Throughout its lifetime, the NuvlaEdge v1 software excelled at supporting businesses and partners in various fields from humanitarian activities to smart cities, open science, earth observation, and much more. With it, we have learned that the high demand for small, portable and low energy edge devices is very often incompatible with the resource-demanding nature of the target applications. But that’s not the only problem with today’s mindset towards Edge Computing.

Redefining Edge Management

The NuvlaEdgee v2.0 software tackles today’s edge management limitations with innovative features.

nuvlaedge 2.0

Here are the detailed new key features of the NuvlaEdge v2.0 software:

These features are built on top of an existing Container Orchestration Engine (i.e. Docker Swarm) in the edge device.

Smaller, Faster and More Powerful

It’s not just about new features. All the old good NuvlaEdge v1 software perks are still there… in fact, most of them have been improved.

For a faster and cleaner installation process, the NuvlaEdge v2 software was refactored with some of the old code merged into fewer components, thus optimising its total core size.

nbe core size

Performance was also optimised, making the new NuvlaEdge v2 software the lightest one we have ever created.


Easier to Install, and More Adaptable to Infrastructure Changes

The NuvlaEdge v1 ssoftware required your edge device to be running in Docker Swarm mode. Well, that’s not the case anymore for NuvlaEdge v2. All you need is Docker Compose for the installation, and then the NuvlaEdge v2 ssoftware will adapt itself to the underlying host environment, whether that is a standalone Docker machine, or a Swarm cluster node.

What’s not to like? If you want to dive into the details, take a look at our NuvlaEdge documentation. For a demo or more information about how the NuvlaEdge software can transform your activity at the edge, get in touch.

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