Inside sales representative

The Inside Sales will support the SixSq sales effort, working closely with the SixSq Sales Director and interact with Ekinops's (parent company) world-wide sales team.

The Inside Sales is a customer trusted advisor and lead generation expert. He/She leads the research of new opportunities within verticals or territories through any kind of media (mail/phone/social media/events/…). He/She knows the usual marketing tools that will be beneficial for developing the business and brings new ideas for improvement.

Our final goal is to promote the right SixSq feature or Marketplace Application to steer every discussion towards a customer’s project.

The Role



What to expect

What we are looking for

Further qualifications and experience will be considered. If you can bring something else that you believe is relevant, don’t be shy.

Minimum Qualifications

Minimum requirements include:

Equivalent qualifications will be considered. Be creative!

Selection Process

Interested? Apply now by sending your CV and motivation letter ASAP to

Or know someone who could do this? Thanks for sharing this position with a him/her.

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