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ICOS; Towards a functional continuum operating system

The rapid proliferation of computing and sensing device technologies coupled with the ever-growing demand for data-intensive applications at the edge and in the cloud is driving the next wave of change in computing architecture. The resulting shift in computing is centered around dynamic, intelligent and yet seamless interconnection of IoT, edge and cloud resources in one computing system, to form a continuum.

The ICOS project aims to design and implement a continuum which is extensible, open, secure, adaptable, AI-powered and technology-agnostic. The solution will be tested via 4 use cases:

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1 September 2022 to 31 August 2025.

ICOS Consortium

A consortium of 19 companies will collaborate on developing the distributed edge technology and service-delivery features.


The project is funded through from the European Union’s HORIZON EUROPE research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101070177. SixSq is funded by SERI under contract number 22.00262.

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