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This blog dives into technical aspects of edge computing and particularly how and NuvlaEdge can help address challenges at the edge. Written by SixSq developers and friends, this blog gives you direct insights into our software and services.

25 January 2022

Renewable energy management at forefront of SWARM project

Smart and Widely-distributed Appliances for Renewable energy Management (SWARM) Decentralisation, decarbonisation and changing consumer patterns a...

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02 November 2021

SixSq acquired by Ekinops

Ekinops, a leading supplier of telecommunications solutions for telecom operators and enterprises, is announcing the acquisition of the start-up Si...

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10 September 2021

EcoCloud Sustainability Days

Driving Sustainable Cloud Computing EcoCloud is a unique EPFL academic research center providing world-class leadership for, and driving innovatio...

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19 April 2021

Discussing the Smart City Edge

What are the use cases that can be deployed in cities to help them become smarter? SixSq CEO Marc Elian Bégin had the great pleasure to talk to sm...

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15 November 2020

Launch of Nuvla Marketplace

Launch of Nuvla Marketplace Provides Sales Platform for Vendors of Edge Computing Apps Edge solution experts SixSq today announced the launch of t...

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06 October 2020

Halfway Mark for H2020 Project ELASTIC

Horizon 2020 was the biggest ever European Union Research and Innovation programme, with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014...

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14 September 2020

ELEKTRON and SixSq launch TrafficDim

Next-generation solution for smart, efficient street lighting ELEKTRON teamed up with software technology expert and CERN spin-off SixSq t...

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20 August 2020

Group Feature Enhancement to Nuvla

SixSq is proud to announce the introduction of the Switch Group feature, in response to user requests to improve the management at scale of apps, e...

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11 August 2020

Subscriptions for Nuvla

SixSq has updated Nuvla to introduce subscriptions and pricing support. Nuvla is a secured edge-to-cloud (and back) management platform that enable...

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